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Luxury Toys

A vacation on your own or a chartered luxury yacht is pure relaxation – but a little action will put the icing on the cake. At boot Düsseldorf, visitors will find a range of extraordinary luxury toys that will turn every vacation into a fun adventure.

There are trade fair exhibitors in the areas of…

·         Scooters
·         E-Boards/Jet-Boards
·         Fly-Boards
·         Water Bikes
·         Super Yacht Inflatable Toys

Trends in watersports luxury items

As versatile as the super yachts for which they’re designed, watersports luxury items make for a fast-paced and action-packed vacation. The selection is big and constantly evolving. From a remote-controlled shark to an inflatable tournament platform to a mini-submarine – the fancier, the better. With luxury water toys for adults, no vacation will ever get boring.

At boot Düsseldorf, visitors will find the most extraordinary luxury items for the super yacht.

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