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Maritime Art/Handicraft

Your own boat or chartered yacht should not only be beautiful from the outside – it should also shine from the inside. At boot Düsseldorf, visitors will find a selection of...

·         Maritime Art
·         Maritime Handicraft

...that leaves nothing to be desired. With everything from maritime photographs, paintings to sculptures and graphics, there’s something for every taste here.

Current developments in marine art

Artists have been creating marine art for centuries, drawing their inspiration from the vast sea and seafaring. And as long as people are enthusiastic about the oceans, the genre of marine art will remain en vogue. While maritime paintings from the 17th century often depicted ships with a warlike involvement, in addition to seas and harbours, today’s maritime art looks a bit different. The motifs are more peaceful, showing seascapes and coasts, a misty sunrise on a beach, boats or marine animals.

At boot Düsseldorf, trade fair visitors are invited to soak up the diversity of maritime art.

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