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All the hottest trends in watersports can be found at boot Düsseldorf: From surfing, windsurfing, wingsurfing and kitesurfing to foiling, parasailing and SUP. In addition to the numerous hands-on activities that give trade fair visitors a chance to test their skills, as well as stage shows where the pros put themselves to the test, exhibitors from the sectors of ...

·         Surfboards/Accessories
·         Services (Surfing/Windsurfing/Kitesurfing/Stand-Up Paddling/Foiling/Wingsurfing)

...will be there to inform visitors about all the latest products.

With ample displays of boards and related gear, visitors can get all the information they need and even order boards, sails, kites, foils, wings, functional clothing, beach fashion, parasailing and SUP accessories.

In the area of services, on-site representatives from trend watersports schools and travel agents offer trade fair visitors the chance to be inspired or prepare for their next adventure.

Trends and current topics in surfing and sailing

One thing is clear: wings and foils are very much en vogue, and the combination of the two translates into an exciting watersport. Wing-foiling teaches watersports enthusiasts literally how to fly. Unlike windsurfing or kitesurfing, the handheld kite isn’t connected to the board. This unique freedom opens up endless options for tricks and variations. The foil board can be used at high speeds and creates a feeling of weightlessness because the foil considerably reduces the water resistance of the board. The hydrofoil, which is attached to a mast underneath the board, provides dynamic buoyancy, which lifts the board and its rider above the surface of the water once a certain speed is reached.

Whether wing-foiling, kite-foiling or pump-foiling – boot Düsseldorf and its exhibitors have long recognized the trends. Visitors can not only find out more, but also watch professionals practising the sport on the spot.

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