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Water-skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding or wakeskating – the water has a lot to offer for sports on a board. To practice these special sports, however, you’ll need more than just the board. At boot Düsseldorf, visitors can meet exhibitors who also offer accessories, equipment and the right clothing, as well as services related to these fun sports, facilities and schools:

·         Accessories (Water-Skiing/Wakeboarding/Kneeboarding/Wakeskate)

It’s all about boards here!

Trends and topics on water board sports

Whether wakeboard, water-ski, kneeboard or wakeskate – water board sports are very on trend! Anyone who has tried out these sports knows that they’re more than just being pulled by a boat. Athletes not only glide across the surface of the water at breakneck speed – they also get a full-body workout and improve their balance. So it’s no wonder that board-based watersports such as wakeboarding remain popular as public awareness of health and fitness increases.

boot Düsseldorf is THE meeting place where professional athletes and beginners or anyone interested in the sport can come together, exchange ideas and share information about the latest equipment.

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