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Canoes/Kayaks/Rowing Rafting (Accessories and Services)

Passionate rowers, canoeists or kayakers need more than just a suitable boat. The appropriate equipment is also a must for watersports. Whether for rowing, rafting, canoeing or kayaking – visitors at boot Düsseldorf will find all the right gear for a long expedition or to get started in the sport. They can also take advantage of on-site services offering tour tips, travel reports and tourism advice.

Exhibitors from these sectors...

·         Accessories (Canoeing/Kayaking/Rowing/Rafting)
·         Services (Canoeing/Kayaking/Rowing/Rafting)

…can all be found at boot Düsseldorf.

Current trends in paddle sports

The popularity of kayaking, canoeing, rafting and rowing is on the rise – and so is the market for the corresponding equipment. On the one hand, this type of watersport satisfies the need to be active in nature while spending time with friends and family. On the other hand, people are becoming more aware of the health and fitness benefits of these activities. And paddle sports are an effective cardiovascular workout, improve balance and coordination, provide endurance training and at the same time increase muscle strength. As these benefits become more widely recognized, more people are attracted to the sport.

At boot Düsseldorf, visitors will find everything related to watersports – here they can be inspired, get information and order their gear.

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