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Charter sailing... the ultimate freedom

Explore new areas, get to know foreign cultures. Being free from the constraints of package tourism, being able to organise your holiday as you please - all this is charter sailing.
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10 yachtcharter tipps

Before you start your charter holidays there are some things to consider: which yacht is the right one, which destination is suitable, what about kids on board...
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Many different ways to charter a yacht

Are you really that keen to be the skipper on your charter cruise? If not, you do not have to do without a charter holiday - just choose a different way to charter a yacht!
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The five most important types of charter at a glance

Charter holidays on yachts continue to be increasingly popular. The boot editorial team has compiled a short overview of the five most common types of charter...
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How to choose a suitable charter destination?

Yacht charter is well established in many destinations like the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. Before choosing a destination, always gather good information first.
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Which sailing yacht do I want to charter?

Every charterer has a wide selection of sailing yachts at his disposal - all you have to do is make up your mind.
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How to find a suitable charteryacht

Some criteria like requirement of space and personal preferences should be taken into account as well as the sailing characteristics and features of the boat itself.
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Multihulls offer relaxed charter sailing in great comfort

Multihulls have a lot to offer for charter sailors. Here is a brief overview of the advantages of multihull yachts for your charter holiday!
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Kids on board - Tips for great family holidays on board

For many parents it is THE major topic before booking a boating holiday: children on board. Is it possible at all and if so, what to take care of?
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Charter flotillas - more fun in a group

Charter cruises in a group, so called sailing flotillas, is experiencing an enormous upward trend in recent years. Instead of setting sails just on your own, you join a group of like-minded sailors.
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