Overview: Beginner

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It is easy to start boating


Cast off the lines - even without a boating licence! In Germany, this is possible on boats with up to 15 hp engine power.
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Basic rules for sport boating

Twenty-three useful tips on preparing, equipping, and conducting cruises and outings will help even the layman cast off the lines!
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Safety on board - Basic safety rules on board your yacht

If you want to be your own skipper, you need to be aware of safety requirements on board your yacht and have to aquire some knowledge and skills about safety systemns and procedures.
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Different boat models - find what you are looking for

If you want to buy a new motorboat, you are spoilt for choice and boundaries between boat types are blurred.
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The different types of boats on

Whether it's an inflatable boat with an outboard motor, a weekender suitable for families, a cabin cruiser with a galley and wet cell, or a fascinating mega yacht - you'll find it all at boot.
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Jet-Ski, Jet-Boat, Aquabike, Waverunner or Water Motorcycle?

They are used as support vehicles at watersports events, as a sports tool or just for sheer fun as a "water toy" - jet skis are extremely versatile and offer enormous potential to have a good time.
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Boating Fun without Obstacles

Which boats are suitable for boating without a boating licence? Basically any boat that can be navigated safely with 15 hp...
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Inflatables - sturdy boating fun

More than one boating career began in an inflatebale. Inflatable boats are cheap, easy to handle and ideal for holidays.
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