Remigo - Electric Outboard - A class of its own

It's a revolution: The electric outboard from Remigo (Latin for rudder) with its unusually slim, hydrodynamic design is not only a 1000 watt DC motor, but also a rudder. The advantages of this one-piece design will win over both novice and experienced skippers alike.

A completely new feature is the simple operation at the touch of a button and improved manoeuvrability compared to conventional models: as long as the RemigoOne is under power, course correction is possible even without propeller thrust.

Other details make the RemigoOne unique. Its robust housing made of marine aluminium, the removable motor mount and a weight of just 12 kg make it possible to take it anywhere. The backpack-like, stylish transport bag is easy to shoulder and leaves your hands free for other things.

The young Slovenian designer Ajda Bertok and Remigo rightly won the prestigious DesignEuropa Award with this bold design. It was the first time in the history of the award that a nautical product was honoured.

But the RemigoOne also scores highly with its technical features. The quiet, brushless 1000 watt DC motor can efficiently power any boat weighing up to 1500 kg; dinghies, sailing boats (J/70, Seascape, Meteor, Este24, ...), fishing boats, etc. The stepless adjustment of the shaft length makes it possible to find the exact position for the best engine performance between 15 and 30 inches in height (S to XL), i.e. an engine that optimally covers all types of boats. When used on a sailboat, the tiller can be locked in the neutral vertical position and the main rudder used for steering. The internal design of the RemigoOne is maintenance-free, e.g. no shaft seal ring needs to be replaced, only the anodes if necessary.

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